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The favorite Disney movie, Frozen, was changed into a stunning stage production. The series made a pre-Broadway look in the Buell Theatre, in the Denver Center for Performing Arts, prior to going to Broadway, in the St. James Theatre in New York. Academy award-winning writer, Jennifer Lee wrote that the novel, depending on the Disney film, for the drama. The viewer will find themselves crying and laughing during, in addition to cheering for a sister reunion like no other.

Frozen the Musical has been decades in the building. In reality, Disney and its partners began planning with this transformation because the conclusion of the first movie. As the girls grow old, they fight to find true love as they perform their mysterious past so as to make the bond of sisterhood again.

The magic of Disney's scintillating hit film Frozen comes alive on stage at a musical, breathing invigorating life to the beloved animated characters. The heart-felt narrative of two estranged sisters wraps crowds with its spine-tingling renditions of this film's music tunes. Seize the opportunity to experience this loved story live -- select up your economical Frozen the Musical tickets before all of them vanish!

After Frozen hit cinemas in 2013, few understood what a cultural juggernaut it'd eventually become. The story of Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf in their experiences to spare Elsa out of her self-imposed exile captured the hearts of families all over the globe. Frozen the Musical animates the story in a fresh manner, immersing audiences from the snow-covered universe of Arendelle. From crossing renditions of tunes like "Let It Go" into the richly crafted costumes into the beautiful winter wonderland set layout, Frozen the Musical recreates the magic of the film in magnificent detail. For lovers of the film, old or young, the musical provides the opportunity to be part of this powerful story of friendship and loved ones.

The older sister, Elsa, possesses special powers which allow her to produce snow, ice and frost in will, or occasionally against her will. When Anna inadvertently uttered her husband Elsa as a kid, their parents isolate Anna independently at a castle, and consequently she becomes an ice queen. When Elsa disappears on the eve of her coronation, Anna embarks on a trip, together with iceman Kristoff, a snowman called Olaf along with a reindeer called Sven, locating her sister trapped in an eternal winter. It's that this heartrending tale that captivated so many individuals once the movie premiered, and this storyline stays intact from the Broadway version. Together with new tunes by the Lopez/Anderson-Lopez songwriting ace group, the Frozen phase musical is an unmissable treat for the whole family.

Can Be Frozen the Musical Great for Children?
Yes, the series was created for kids to enjoy as much as their parents, by the young to the young in heart. 


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